World Outreach Education

Our classes are designed for possible translation into many of the world’s major languages. We utilize both software and qualified human translators, thereby breaking¬† the language barrier to theological education. All our programs are smartphone compatible.
Students may study from their homes if they have access to internet-connected smartphone or personal computer. Our classes are delivered through the modern learning management systems (MLS), the social media, and the Internet, in addition to the more traditional interaction with students through mailing videos, media discs and texts. For more remote locations around the world, we propose the virtual onsite method of delivery.
Our virtual onsite classroom models a group study center with widescreen virtual monitor on the wall, and the professor teaching from a remote location. RPUT works with families, local churches and community leaders to create group study centers in churches and schools, village squares and other designated areas for students who do not have personal computers. With this method, it is possible for an entire village to attend class in an Onsite Virtual class room, even though the individual learners may not have their own personal computers.