With over 3.2 billion users in Cyberspace, and some social media claiming daily use counts reported to be as high as 55 billion (WhatsApp, 2018), the paradigm of intentionally studying God and doing His ministry is also rapidly shifting into Cyberspace.  

RPUT’s CTMM programs are not a computer or information technology program, but a set of Theology programs that emphasizes taking the gospel message to Cyberspace by using the Cyberspace components to create, send, store, retrieve, and deploy Christian Theology and Biblical Information systems to targeted audiences around the world. The CTMM concentration is available at Certificates, Bachelors’, Masters’s, and Doctorate degree levels. 

Students of this School are trained to break through the use of technology in ministry to reach the Cyberspace population as part of the “Uttermost part of the earth” (Luke 24:49). Cognate areas include Cyberspace Theology, Ministry & Missions, End-Time Technological Prophesies