Master of Cyberspace Theology (MCTh)

Master of Cyberspace Theology (MCTh.)

(36 Credit Hours)
Program Designer: Obinna Emmanuel Obasi

The Master of Cyberspace Theology program is designed to train practical Theology professionals who will not only know the theory of Cyber Theology and Internet Biblical Evangelism, but who also would practice Theology in the context of using the Cyberspace components to develop, store, retrieve, and deploy information that pertains to the study of the God of the Bible from the perspective of Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and His relationship with the human race.

Subject areas include Theology/Divinity core, Ministry core, Cyberspace Theology core, Theology of Technology, and a final practical project that will show development, application, or use of Cyberspace theological tools to set up a real-time evangelical platform that is reaching out to a targeted audience in the social media. Students may also agree with their Pastors to focus their projects on the needs of their local church, such as getting the sermons out there, forming WhatsApp gospel sharing groups, tele-conference prayer lines, video-conference church services using Zoom, Skype, Facebook live,  etc.

Subject Core Areas:

Theology Core

Divinity Core,

Ministry Core,

Cyberspace Theology and Theology of Technology Core, and

 Final Project