Bachelor of Theological Studies (BTS) Program Goals

The main goal of our Bachelor of Theological Studies (BTS) program is to prepare Christian leaders and ministers who are equipped with balanced education in Theology and theologically relevant technology skills needed to serve in the 21st century church and society. Our students are prepared to serve in the church, independent ministries, para-church organizations, secondary and post-secondary Christian academic settings, street and marketplace evangelism, or for self-enrichment.
The program goal has the following components:

  1. Introduce the student to diverse world religions and show the place of Christian faith among them
  2. Biblical and Theological review of the Old Testament and New Testament Scripture
  3. Introducing the student to various theological and biblical perspectives
  4. Integrate the various Christian theological perspectives with general academic disciplines and the society, and identify the place of Christian Theology in the area of knowledge
  5. ​Identify the various ways of preparing and deploying theological messages and the gospel of Jesus Christ using the present-day technology tools
  6. ​The Return of Jesus Christ: Introduce the student to the strategic end-time biblical prophecies, corresponding technological advancements, times and events that point to the inevitable second coming of Jesus Christ;
  7. Prepare the student for Christian leadership and ministry vocation as typified in the student’s chosen cognate area. The available cognate areas include: